About Us

Our Organization

The Ezekiel Project is an ecumenical, interracial congregation-centered organization in the Saginaw, Michigan metropolitan area. The Ezekiel Project is led by a board with clergy and lay representatives from each of our member congregations. It is part of the Gamaliel Foundation network of congregation-based community organizing projects which connects The Ezekiel Project to similar organizations throughout the U.S. The organization provides training and education, advice, development and technical services.

The organization operates as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Our History

The Ezekiel Project launched with a Covenant Ceremony on March 9, 1998. Monthly meetings, beginning in 1985, laid a foundation for the newly developing organization. The name of the organization was chosen in June 1996, based on the name of the Biblical prophet Ezekiel through whom God promised a new heart, restoration, and resurrection in the dry bones of God’s people.

Our Mission

The mission of The Ezekiel Project is to empower organizations through prayer, education, organization, coalition-building and skill development to act in faith and live to revitalize the Great Lake Bay Region including the Saginaw community, the State of Michigan and the World.

Additionally, The Ezekiel Project:

• Actively assists the growth of member organizations numerically and spiritually;
• Actively assists the unified power of the community to change adverse conditions on specific issues of concern;
• Promotes active involvement of all people in the community in planning and implementing its goals and objectives;
• Provides training for leadership roles in the community;
• Works to empower people to have a greater say in decisions that affect their lives.


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