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Welcome to The Ezekiel Project of Saginaw!

The mission of The Ezekiel Project is to empower congregations through prayer, education, organization, coalition building and skill development to act in faith and love to revitalize the greater Saginaw Community.

The Ezekiel Project:

* Actively assist the growth of member congregations numerically and spiritually.

* Actively uses the unified power of the community to change adverse or unjust conditions on specific issues of concern.

* Promotes the active involvement of all people in the community in planning and implementing its goals and objectives.

* Provides training for leadership roles in the community.

* Works to empower people to have a greater say in decisions that affect our lives.

* Is independent of government funding for organizational operations and does not participate in partisan political activities.


See links above and at right for more information about The Ezekiel Project of Saginaw.


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